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We are helping build the church

We will help build your Church so that it stands the test of time, with safe faith-based investments for individuals & churches


GOOD NEWS! The TFSA contribution limit is increasing to $7000 for 2024. For more information, contact Joy Gomersall at: 1-800-661-4319. See Investments for application forms & more information.

Stewards Canada is a registered Canadian charity providing mortgage financing to Brethren assemblies and other evangelical Christian churches, schools, nursing facilities and camps. Banks are generally reluctant to lend to churches, due to donations being the sole source of income. They often charge higher interest rates with strict conditions to offset their perception of higher risk. In contrast, Stewards Canada offers standard mortgage interest rates and more lenient terms, made possible with our history of church financing expertise, ensuring mortgage security is sufficient to cover loans.

Stewards Canada is registered with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). Mortgage Brokerage License # 12178. Mortgage Broker # 12459.

Member of Canadian Centre for Christian Charities

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